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Did you know that babies can learn to pee and poop on cue? Or that toddlers by the age of 18 months can be potty trained?

Babies are smarter and more capable than we sometimes give them credit for. It's hard for many of us (in the Western world) to imagine that babies could be aware, or even have some control over, eliminating (i.e. the need to "go"). But healthy infants are indeed aware of when they "go" and communicate this awareness – from the moment they are born.

Elimination Communication (EC) is the idea of responding to a baby's need to eliminate and allowing him/her to eliminate somewhere other than their diaper. EC has been a common practice across the world for many decades, however died out in many parts of the world after the invention of the disposable diaper in the 50's. Simply ask your grandma if she remembers it. :)


I am a GDF certified EC coach and provide one-on-one as well as one-to-many intro sessions and consultations. Please see the Services page for more details or contact me at